Our Story

Alpine Deer is a 100% New Zealand owned business. Alpine Deer was founded in 1964 by Sir Tim Wallis and has a more than 50-year history in the deer product business.

New Zealand has the only professionally farmed deer industry in the world and is considered a world leader in sustainable farming practices. New Zealand enjoys global recognition as a producer of healthy, safe and pure food products.

Red Deer were introduced to New Zealand in the late 1800’s and due to the temperate climate and lush vegetation they have thrived. New Zealand Red Deer live in an environment where they can eat a natural diet and are strong, healthy animals.

Alpine Deer is integrated throughout the deer industry with involvement in free-range farming of New Zealand Red Deer as well as processing of venison and deer co-products. Consumers can trust Alpine to ensure our deer products are of good quality, comply with food safety and that we can maintain security of supply.

Alpine Deer has custom-built processing facilities in Tauranga, in the North Island and Luggate in the South Island. These facilities operate under a Risk Management Plan that is audited by the New Zealand Government’s Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

Alpine Deer was created from the desire to capture the health benefits of deer products and bring them to the world. We work in partnership with our customers to creative innovative and effective products, specifically formulated to target market requirements.

We create modern consumer solutions from traditional, time-honoured ingredients.